My Simple Monitor Stand

One of the most common questions I receive whenever I show a photo of my workspace is, “Where’d you get that monitor stand?”

It’s actually a little IKEA hack that I put together several years ago. My goal was to raise my 27″ iMac to eye level to create a better ergonomic position so I wasn’t hunched over at my desk. It also helps to better utilize my desk surface by creating space to store things like my external hard drive.

Since I still get so many questions about my monitor stand, I wanted to write a more in-depth post about how I built it, as well as walk you through the new premium version that I just built.

I’m not necessarily the handiest person, but I do enjoy building simple things like this especially when I can’t find an existing solution available anywhere else. Even if you don’t have much experience building things, you should be able to easily complete this in a weekend.